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It’s not uncommon for a person to develop a close bond and friendship with their dog, cat or any other house pets they have. Pets don’t talk back. Pets don’t judge. Pets offer the unconditional love that a recovering drug or alcohol addict needs at their lowest moment. We realize how comforting the daily welcome from a house pet can be, so many Bakersfield Rehabs allow patients to bring their pets to treatment.

A little familiarity goes a long way in treatment, where patients have been removed from their homes, jobs, families, friends and everyday lives. People are almost always overjoyed knowing they’ll get to have their companion waiting for them at the end of each long day of rehab. Their presence alone provides therapy to pet owners in recovery.

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Why Would A Person Bring Their Pet To Treatment?

Pets offer a unique, unique, and special emotional connection; an unconditional love and assistance that sustains in the face of virtually all dysfunction. When an issue occurs in our careers, our relationships, our households, or any other aspect of our lives, our pets are there to use companionship and a sense of function when we need it most. When we’re in the throes of alcohol or drug addiction, our pets are typically some of the only relationships we manage to keep undamaged. They do not evaluate, they don’t yell, they don’t desert– they just expect the very same level of care as we’ve always provided. Losing this sense of stability to go to inpatient rehab can be a prospective deal-breaker, even for those who are desperate for treatment. Thankfully, there are increasingly more Bakersfield pet-friendly drug rehab centers for those who can’t stand the thought of being without their animal buddies.

The Efficiency of Pet-Friendly Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Research indicates that two-thirds of all American homes and almost half of all elderly individuals own pets. With more than twenty-five million Americans fitting the criteria for compound usage condition (SUD), it would stand to reason that there would be some overlap in these two populations.

Information shows that making use of pets have actually been effective in the treatment of multiple psychological health conditions, consisting of but not limited to:

  • Cognitive impairment.
  • Dementia.
  • Schizophrenia.
  • Depression.
  • Stress and anxiety.

Animal-assisted treatment can likewise provide a variety of physical health benefits to counteract remaining withdrawal symptoms, such as aching muscles, chronic discomfort, and more. The occupational nature of this treatment (walking, running, playing, and physically interacting with pets in other ways) is basically exercised by default. Epidemiologic research studies recommend family pet owners might get physical advantages such as enhanced blood pressure and greater exercise. An investigation of 5902 people in the United States noted a positive relationship in between pet dog walking and an increased quantity of overall walking time.

” A canine is the only thing in the world that enjoys you more than you love yourself”– Josh Billings

Residential Treatment With Your Furry Friend

First off, what is residential pet treatment? Bakersfield residential treatment centers offer a highly structured, kept track of environment in a home-like setting that offers locals calmness as they start their long-term healing. As a result, this helps to ensure that homeowners do not have access to their drugs or alcohol while in their program and that they can receive full-time support during their recovery.Pet-Friendly Rehab Bakersfield California Pet Friendly Rehabs

There are many alternatives offered when it concerns dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. However, everyone is coming from a different background, household, and experiences. For that reason, our company believes that their treatment plan should not just think about that but make it the focal point of their treatment experience. There are numerous alternatives readily available when it concerns drug or alcohol treatment, and due to the fact that some individuals need more assistance and intensive treatment than others, some programs are developed to offer more structure and assistance. A residential treatment center is advantageous for people who need more care than an outpatient program would provide. There are many different manner ins which individuals have actually conquered their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Some approaches work for specific individuals however the very same treatment might not work for others.

For many people, it simply boils down to discovering the ideal fit. However, the following evidence-based therapy methods are most reliable.


Maybe Consider A Pet Outpatient Drug Rehab?

You have actually heard of residential drug treatment programs, sober living environments, and inpatient addiction treatment. But what is an extensive outpatient program?

Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) with your furry friend can be described as a range of services within the wider scope of alcohol and other drug addiction treatment services. A few of the services supplied are withdrawal management, group therapy, relapse prevention training, private counseling, household counseling, and pharmacotherapy. Customers or homeowners attend a complete spectrum of treatment shows but continue living at home or in sober living houses.

How Long is an Outpatient Rehab Program?

Bakersfield Extensive outpatient strategies consist of scheduled day or evening sessions within a structured program. Typically, it totals fewer than nine hours each week, though it can differ. The IOP drug treatment program typically includes a minimum of nine treatment hours per week, consisting of specific therapy, weekly group treatment or a combination of the two in association with participation in self-help support systems, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

Taking Your Pet To An Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center

Rehabilitation that permits pets aren’t constantly easy to find, but thankfully for you, there are people who concentrate on just that. Pets can be helpful to your well-being and can even help you adapt, or become more ready to participate in particular behavior modification programs. From these treatments alone you can recuperate from emotional, psychological, and compound use disorders. Advantages of having a family pet while in recovery can also consist of:

  • Building Trust: If you’re experiencing a mental illness or substance use condition, you might have a difficult time engaging with and trusting others. Bringing a pet buddy into rehab “affects the social interaction between human beings and associated factors crucial in this regard, such as trust, compassion, aggressiveness, and a favorable state of mind” (U.S. National Library of Medication– NLM).
  • Learning Behaviors: When somebody uses drugs or alcohol to manage pain, this is considered an unhealthy habit. Or if someone doesn’t trust others because of a past experience or a terrible event, and therefore utilizes drugs or alcohol to attempt to forget; this too is thought about an unhealthy behavior. These behaviors can be replaced, and there’s acknowledgment in the restorative neighborhoods that having your buddy with you can be a major benefit to changing negative behaviors.
  • Being Honest: Conquering an addiction in rehab treatment isn’t easy. You might have to get honest about things that you’re ashamed of, or review habits and distressing occasions that in the past, have made you wish to consume or use drugs. Having a pet companion with you can assist you to remain truthful about your drug use by assisting you to others.
  • Avoiding Additional Repercussions: National Institute on Substance abuse has actually identified drug addiction as “intense and, sometimes, unmanageable drug yearning, together with compulsive drug seeking and use that continue even in the face of devastating repercussions.” Rehab centers want to help you avoid negative consequences, and will go to fantastic lengths to get you the aid you need– whether that implies helping you out with childcare, or family pet care while you remain in treatment.

Pet-Friendly Rehab Bakersfield California Pet Friendly Rehabs

Benefits Of A Family Pet In Rehab

Over the past years approximately, scientists have been investigating the advantages of treated animals. They’ve found that there are a great deal of positive results that human and animal interactions give rehab treatment. The psychological evidence is that bringing a family pet into therapy can improve an individual’s “body immune system functioning and discomfort management; increased trustworthiness of and trust toward other persons; reduced hostility; improved empathy and improved knowing” (NLM). Leaving your pet when going to treatment “might have a destructive, instead of advantageous, result in their total health. In numerous circumstances, human health professionals can contribute to the well-being of their clients by motivating them to maintain bonds with their pets, even in the face of severe health problems and other obstacles” (National Parks Service).

There’s additional evidence that treatment animals can assist a person who’s experiencing co-occurring conditions such as post distressing stress condition with addiction, or even stress and anxiety and addiction. At the end of the day, pets have been shown to assist treat the symptoms of drug abuse, and some of the benefits consist of (NLM):.

  • Social attention.
  • Social habits.
  • Interpersonal interactions.
  • Assists with mood.
  • Stress-related criteria such as cortisol.
  • Improves heart rate.
  • Enhances high blood pressure.
  • Fear and stress and anxiety.
  • Mental and physical health, especially cardiovascular diseases.


Pet-Friendly Rehab Bakersfield California Pet Friendly Rehabs

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What If I Can’t Bring My Pet To Rehab?

Not all Bakersfield rehab centers allow animals, and they have legitimate factors for their no family pet policies, which can be anything from allergic reactions, to liabilities, and even licensing. Another choosing element is the cost or the location of a Bakersfield pet-friendly rehab center, however, there may be assistance in both of these areas– numerous medical insurance companies can assist cover rehab costs. A long-term inpatient treatment is an instance where your pet might not have the ability to stay with you the whole time, however, they’ll be able to come to go to you. Sober living houses might have a more difficult time allowing pets also since spaces are typically shared between a group of people. On the plus side, they are generally happy to work with you and try to help you locate a neighboring pet resort. Even if you aren’t sharing a space with your animal, there are still advantages to getting to see your them while you remain in rehab.

Despite the fact that family pet-friendly rehabs are ending up being more popular, they aren’t constantly within reach. Plenty of people opt out of going to rehab due to the fact that they can’t take their pet, however, there is usually another way to manage this hurdle. Here are some other possible concepts to look after your pet while you go to rehab:

  • Family pet Resorts: A lot of the time a rehab center can refer you to a nearby pet resort.
  • Pet Caretaker: There are countless people who are willing to view your family pet while you remain in rehab. It’s like you’re going on holiday– some people will even do it to return a favor.
  • Pet-Handler: Some rehab centers have on-site family pet boarding where your animal will get to unwind and even come to see you from time to time.
  • Relative: There is generally a feeling that we’ve burned bridges with a relative with years of drug abuse, and neglect, however more often than not a member of the family will do whatever it takes to help you beat addiction. Whether it indicates helping out with your household chores or seeing your family pet, you’re often in the very best of hands with family.
  • Arranged Visits: Even if you aren’t allowed to have your family pet stay on site with you, some rehab centers will enable you to take strolls, exercise, or have fun with your feline or pet dog during downtime. Pets belong to the household, and there is no denying that they can bring us a great deal of joy; even in the hardest of times.

” Animals are such agreeable pals- they ask no concerns, they pass no criticisms”

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